Hobbywing Xerun 1/8 Competition Motor - 4268 SD G3 for 1/8 Off-road 2200kv

Hobbywing Xerun 1/8 Competition Motor - 4268 SD G3 for 1/8 Off-road 2200kv

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obbywing Xerun 4268 Sensored G3 Motors for 1/8 Off-road setups

1/8th brushless power system with the implementation of a pure signal sensor mode circuit.

Built-in intelligent integrated circuit is used so the sensor unit can easily be identified by the ESC when pairing with Hobbywing's XeRun XR8 series of ESC's the motor will operate in “Pure Sensored” mode at all times, providing a better performance and a smoother throttle response.

1/8th power system & Turbo Timing technology

can be used when this motor is paired with Hobbywing's XERUN XR8 series of ESC's the Motor can use the Turbo Timing technology which was designed for the XR10 Pro series of Esc's used in 1/10th On and Off road Competion.The motor will increase to maximum power output instantly.The maximum speed will increased by as much as 50% more than the output of the previous G2 series motors keeping you way ahead of the competition.

Please Note: When tue G3 Series motors are paired with XR8 Pro G2 ESC the turbo feature can be set to the maximum of 48º.

The mechanical turbo timing of motor can be accurately adjusted in both directions (CW / CCW)

The mechanical turbo timing can be adjusted between 20-40°. It is convenient for driver to calibrate accurately output power of motor and meet power requirements of various application.

The G3 Series is Fail Safe and reliable using Hobbywing's new motor Hall sensor technology

The motor sensor system adopts patented technology of "error-free" Hall sensor technology, with an independent high-speed and high-precision encoder of which will always output a pure and accurate rotor position signal, which effectively will isolate any external interference which are known to cause errors of the sensor signal.This accurate sensor system will allow the motor to function at its peak performance in a very stable sensor state.


  • Suitable for 1:8th Off-Road buggy applications
  • Turbo Timing Technology
  • Full Sensored mode (when paired with XR8 SCT ESC or XR8 plus ESC)
  • Adjustable Timing (Bi-Directional) 20-40 degrees
  • Advanced Hall Sensor System
  • Low Cogging
  • 4-pole-8-magnet "Staggered Pole" rotor - HOBBYWING Patented design
  • Guarantees users the effective heat dissipation and dust prevention
  • The use of double insulated windings (240°C R-rated), NMB bearings from Japan, and the high-intensity adhesive (340°C) guarantees users the outstanding performance and super durability.
  • Front bearing: 16x5x5 mm
  • Rear bearing: 11x5x5 mm
  • Size. O.Dia / Length (mm) 42/68
  • Axle diam: 5.00 mm
  • Axle length 18.5mm

Motor options for Off - Road

  • 1900kv / 4 Pole / Lipo 2-6S / R. (Ω) 0.0075 / no load current (A) 4A / Weight 315(g) / Vehicles 1/8 OffRoad
  • 2200kv / 4 Pole / Lipo 2-6S / R. (Ω) 0.0069 / no load current (A) 4.1A / Weight 285(g) / Vehicles 1/8 OffRoad
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