MUGENIN uusi innovatiivinen 1/8 rata-auto.

Toimitusaika noin kaksi viikkoa.

MRX6 features:

- Chassis:
The MRX6 features a new narrow chassis that allows you to easily adjust the weight of the car by
using (up to five) H2412 weights in the center line of the chassis. You're also able to adjust the
weight balance of the car by moving the weights forward or back on the chassis. The new narrow
chassis is also stiffer and makes the vehicle more precise and predictable.

- Flex System:
The new advanced flex system allows the fuel tank and upper deck to flex separate from the
chassis. With the MRX6, the engine and exhaust system is mounted to the chassis and not to the
radio tray. This is allows the radio tray and chassis to flex independently.

- Bulkheads:
The MRX6 has new front/rear bulkhead to allow for easy belt replacement.

- 2 Speed:
The new two-speed gear box is smaller, lighter and provides better acceleration from corner to
top speed.

- Suspension:
The MRX6 has new rear suspension geometry that greatly improves traction and cornering.
The rear of the vehicle is more controllable and predictable.

- Materials:
The MRX6 uses new materials for the rear lower arm and rear upright.
The new material is stiffer with improves durability and traction.

- Servo Saver:
The new servo saver allows for easy adjustment and more precise steering.

- Brake System:
The new brake system allows for easy adjustment and stronger braking force.

- Clutch Bell:
The new clutch bell has an improved plating process that allows better response and longer wear
for the clutch shoe. It also helps improve the acceleration of the vehicle.

- Fuel Tank:
The fuel tank for the MRX6 is new and has a lower center of gravity. The tank also features a new
cap which allows easy re-fueling during pit stops. Another new feature with the fuel tank is you
can adjust the height of the fuel tank by using H0181 (H0181 isn't included in the kit).

- F/R Drive Shafts:
The F/R aluminum axle shafts are now included in the kit to provide better acceleration.

- Other upgrades:
New side belt tensioner, new rear body mount with centering system, and new adjustable front
upper arm.

Technical Data:

- Length: 441.6mm
- Width: 262mm
- Wheel Base: 299mm
- Tread (F/R): 216mm / 202mm
- F. Caster Angle: 8.5~15.5 adjustable
- Gear Ratio: 1st. 7.35:1 / 2nd. 5.52:1


Hinta: 725.00 € 830.00 €
Valm. koodi: MUGENH2006



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